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The Night Before Christmas

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When I first moved to Edmonton, almost four years ago now, I had one pre-existing “friend”, I worked with a group of largely unhappy people, and my Musicman was touring a lot. I thought about leaving every single day.

As I looked around the room during Ladybug’s birthday party last weekend, I was struck by what a wonderful group of people I now know. Having a child has increased my friend wealth; parents of young children seem to gravitate to one another. Giving birth at the Lucina Centre was a life changer in many ways, not the least of which was the amazing group of women I got to know who were giving birth in December 2011. I’ve made some good friends and found a great support network.

A side benefit of friends at this time of year is the unexpected swag that falls into your hands. I have been reaping the friendship rewards in the form of a delicious bottle of vegan Irish Cream. My dear friend, who also happens to be a culinary whiz, whipped this baby up using the recipe from Oh She Glows (found here). She states that she added a “little extra whiskey, vanilla and some love.”

I am thankful for my friends (and Edmonton isn’t so bad after all).


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