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Fresh Start

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I rang in the new year with my mother, father and Ladybug in Lethbridge. It was a quiet celebration but very enjoyable. Like the autumnal optimism as school begins, the start of the new year promises much.

I try to choose resolutions which are at once attainable and satisfying. Gone are the days of travel-around-the-world, run-a-marathon, and quit smoking type pledges. I’ve come to realize the fulfillment that checking things off a list imparts. Last year was wonderful in many ways but was largely an attempt at survival. The year before was one where I completed a number of big life goals.

What do I want for 2013? I’ve decided to continue the pursuit of some of the more elusive goals of 2011: mindfulness of negativity, an exercise habit, and more writing.

As I write the resolutions down, I’m struck by their mundanity. They aren’t the sort of thing you’d impress people with at your next soirée. My inner editor wonders that they’re the best I can come up with. However, to me these resolutions imply a tremendous amount of work and a long-term change in my life. I’m looking forward to a fresh start.


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