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Plan Your Life Away

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I’ve always been a bit of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-jeans kind of gal. Planning, other than my next fabulous vacation, seemed so boring. As I’ve gotten older, and especially since Ladybug was born, I’ve realized a few things: one of them is that some planning does indeed make life roll along a little more smoothly. I am still a far cry from what you would call a “planner” but I now operate on a weekly schedule designed to make my life a little easier and Ladybug’s a little more predictable.

The first part of my plan, let’s call it the “chores” aspect, was inspired by the tea towels of yore. There were once certain days to do certain tasks, and tea towels that celebrated each glorious household chore (often depicting cute anthropomorphic animals happily performing said task):
Monday – Washing
Tuesday – Ironing or Gardening
Wednesday – Sewing
Thursday – Market
Friday – Cleaning
Saturday – Baking
Sunday – Day of Rest or Worshipping
While I doubt I’ve ironed for a total of eight hours in my entire life (sorry, Grandma), I have been trying to follow some version of this schedule for the last few years.

After recently reading the excellent Waldorf-inspired Heaven On Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer, I decided to further add to my schedule by theming the evening’s cuisine. The dishes may vary from week to week but Monday, for example, is always a pasta night. Oppenheimer, in discussing the rhythm of life, the seasons, the days, explains that children thrive on this type of predictability – a concept that is central to Waldorf teaching methodology and completely foreign to me. Because Ladybug is still so young, I’m not sure how much this means to her at the moment but it has revolutionized my week! No more hemming and hawing about meal preparation, no more glazed-eyed three hour trips to multiple grocery stores. I find that I can get by with one weekly farmer’s market trip and one traditional grocery store trip.

All this to say that a little planning has allowed me to free up some time that was previously spent making up for not having a plan. It has opened a window for me to do more fun and important things, like hanging out with my daughter, and that is definitely not boring.

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