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You Wear It Well

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Ladybug is what might be called a “high need” baby. Before she could roll or crawl, she protested very loudly if I set her down. Even for a minute. Even to use the toilet. At first, I was helpless. With Musicman back on tour when Ladybug was three weeks old and us not having any immediate family in Edmonton, I wondered often and loudly about what I had gotten myself into. I was envious of friends whose babies sat happily for hours in bucket seats, or laid on their backs on activity mats cooing at the toys dangling above them, only to bleat slightly when it was time for more milk.

All this began to change when I made the decision to don my wrap carrier every morning as part of my daily wardrobe. If I was home all day alone, I wore it in place of a shirt, giving Ladybug the skin to skin she craved. If we went out, I wore a top I could easily and discreetly nurse in without ever removing her from the wrap and my babywearing coat.

When I was pregnant, I bought a babywearing Papoose coat from the same people who make the Ergo Baby carrier. It accommodated my belly, could be worn with a baby carrier on the front or back, and was also made to be worn by a non-pregnant woman sans baby carrier. It has been serviceable for the last fifteen-odd months. I say serviceable because, though I receive many comments on it (mostly from people who’ve never seen such an apparatus), it is not a thing of beauty. Behold:


While visiting one of my favourite baby boutiques this winter, Bosom Babies, I met the M Coat, a down-filled, Canadian-made jacket. It has a waist, a lifetime guarantee, and a price tag double what I paid. I think it’s worth it. What do you think?


Ever stylish, the Finns have come up with a gorgeous line of wool tunics and capes that really make my heart flutter. A friend introduced me (virtually) to the Mam coat the other day when she spied a woman about town wearing one and googled until she found it. I cannot justify a new babywearing coat but if I could … (As my friend said, “next baby”)



Though Ladybug is walking now, she still requests to be carried a good deal of the time. Her face lights up whenever I get the carrier out. Having a warm coat that keeps us close together is essential in the winter, especially because we both enjoy getting out and about. I do not regret purchasing my jacket, I just wish I had been aware of some of the more stylish options out there.

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