Experiments In Domesticity

Marriage, Motherhood & Modern Housewifery


Miss Mary

I am an erstwhile office worker, barista, teacher, student, copy editor, and Jill-of-all-trades. With the birth of my first child, I decided that I would do anything humanly possible to spend each day with this amazing little soul. My family & I are figuring out what that looks like for us. I am also learning what it means to be a full-time mama, wife, cook, gardener, grocery getter, and occasional cleaning lady.

I believe in creating, engaging, and sustaining healthy, vibrant community through natural and mindful living. I also believe that the way to generate change is by living it yourself. So, I am doing this the best way I know how, as often as I can, and recording the results of the experiment here.

Some of what I’m into at the moment, in no particular order: organic gardening, attachment parenting, travel, thrifty living, home remedies, bicycling, elimination communication, urban homesteading, DIY, vegan & vegetarian cookery, cloth diapering, locavore living, natural childbirth, time savers, and wholistic health.

I welcome comments and discussion. Let me know what you are thinking …

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