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Pre-Christmas Blues

Ladybug and I have been sick for the last couple of days. This means a few things: not sleeping well, not leaving the house, and clinging. Yesterday I tried everything in my power to fight the clinginess. I used my bright, cheerful voice, sang along to the radio, pointed out various exciting toys, read stories, and served delicious snacks. By the end of the day I was exhausted and frustrated, and my little lady was more clingy than ever. I had forgotten the (possibly) most important parenting lesson of all: go with the flow, especially when dealing with a non-verbal, teething toddler. This dawned on me last night as I watched my sad baby fling her little body against the hardwood in a final, passionate plea for me to hold her. Again.

I was determined that today should be different. Upon waking, I got the Ergo carrier ready for the hip holding position. With the first whine of the day, I popped Ladybug in. We were able to make 2 dozen sugar cookies with virtually no complaint. I will say that rolling out dough was a little slower but I am pleased with the results nonetheless.

Last month, I decided to ramp up my holiday stress a couple of notches by hosting a one year old birthday party for Ladybug on December 22. Hence, my push to bake and clean and ignore my daughter’s protests.

Fortunately, a friend who is a dedicated vegan let me in on her amazing cookies secret: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I have yet to fail with the help of this book. I have even made celiac-friendly vegan cookies using the sage advice offered by the authors (who also have an excellent website full of delicious recipes here). The cookies I made today featured the Red Fife flour I bought from Gold Forest Grains last month. This flour is truly delicious and worth every penny. It has a slightly cinnamony flavour that really enhances baking.

When the baking was done, I was able to do some tidying and make some tea. As I sat in the living room with my baby latched to my breast, I looked around and thought things didn’t look so bad after all. We were able to continue the day with few tears and a great deal of connectedness.

If I can manage to go with the flow when it comes to holiday stress, I think I might just make it to 2013.


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